Do I really need to warm up my car in the winter?
Yes, those extra few minutes allows the fluids to warm up and flow freely through the engine
How many miles or months between oil changes?
3,000 miles or 3 months, which ever occurs first. The time between synthetic oil changes can go up to 5,000 miles, even some car dealers are suggesting the same; but we continually recommend 3,000 to maintain your engine at its top performance.
I have a crack in my windshield, will it pass NJ Inspection?
Depending on the length and location. Best to have it checked before attempting your inspection.
My car seems to have developed a bounce, why?
It would be the suspension. Under normal wear and tear the suspension lasts 50,000 miles or about 5 years for struts. Have the suspension inspected and replace if necessary.
My steering wheel seems to wobble or shake at high sppeds, why?
Several problems could cause this sensation. Tires should be inspected for wear and should be balanced.
What documents do I need to have my car inspected?
Valid driver’s license, current registration and current insurance card.
What is the best time to arrive for a photo inspection?
A photo inspection doesn’t take long; but you should allow 30-45 minutes in case of a wait. Arrive with a clean vehicle, all appropriate paperwork; inspections can be done in the rain, snow or at dusk.
What services should I consider before the heat of the summer sets in?
Heat can do a good amount of damage to rubber. Therefore, check out belts, hoses as well as tire pressure and coolant.
What services should I consider to transition into winter?
Wipers, anti-freeze, tires and battery should be checked before the cold weather sets in.
When do I need to think about replacing my tires?
An average tire gets 25,000 miles; but if the treads look worn or you find they are not holding the road-especially when wet-then it is time to replace them.
When should I replace my battery?
Batteries can last 3-4 years; but as they age, they should be checked before the winter months set in.
Why are my brakes squeaking?
It could be possible that they are wearking out or cracking. Brakes should be checked out frequently and replaced as needed.